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Industry 5.0 = Industry 4.0 + Society 5.0 TECHNOLOGY FOR PEOPLE

Kağıt ve Cilt Bilgisi: İthal Kitap Kağıdı  60 gr.

Basım Tarihi: AĞUSTOS 2021

Basım Bilgisi: 1.baskı

Sayfa Sayısı: 128

Kitap Boyutları: 13,5 x 21.50 cm

ISBN No: 978-625-7606-19-6

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The Industry 5.0 (I 5.0) is originated from I4.0. The main idea behind I 5.0 is to reach Man_Machine (M/C)-Robot collaboration by using I 4.0 technologies. I 5.0 is not a threat for human existence; on the contrary, it is for the benefit of human being.

The days of pandemic, which we are living in, shows to enterprises that to accelerate in digitalization is become more important and must be urgently implemented than ever before. Online education, online shopping, online MD appointment etc. emerges and suddenly become a part of our normal life. People manage and monitor their business ventures at home without going the facility via Apps, or online communication Technolo­gies.

This book aims to explain the basics of components and technologies of I 5.0: IoT, CPS, AI, MR, XR, AR, 5D printers, 5G Technologies, Energy harvesting, Bio-economy, Synthetic Biology, Bionics, CoBots, etc. In this book, it is also mentioned about new subjects emerged in I5.0 such as GIG economy, Mass Personalization, Crowdsourcing, Block chain Technology, etc.

The book gives brief information about I 5.0 background, practices and implementation to the theoreticians and practitioners.


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