İçine Bak

Language, Culture, Art and Politics in the Changing World

Life in the 21th century has already been marked by a changing world in many aspects. The Internet has reached virtually the whole world, neoliberal marketing policies have become more aggressive than ever and alternative economies such as cryptocurrencies have emerged within the first quarter of this century. Adding to the equation the ever-increasing population of the world and the much increased connectedness of its residents, novel definitions of what have already been known have emerged, reflecting the changing life in our time.

The changes to life as observed in our century has also made it explicit that the concepts we tend to define continually are far from being stable and static. Instead, the current status of the world we live in prove time and again that those changes are instable, dynamic, non-linear and coadaptive, signifying the difficulty of achieving predictability.

In a world that is best defined as dynamic and unpredictable, management becomes a key term for the harmony in life that every person tends to strive for. Efficiency in managing harmony among people, cities, industries, politics, education, arts, organizations or countries stands out as the utmost necessity regardless of the context one might be in. Without the endeavor to manage efficiently, the harmony that we all look for would become even more difficult to achieve.

Such a harmony through efficient management, perhaps naturally, necessitates the coadaptation of academic disciplines just as it does the same in other fields in life. For this reason, multidisciplinary academic studies are now more important than ever because the instable, non-linear and dynamic nature of life and its changes are highly unlikely to be explained by a single discipline in isolation. The efficient management of the planet earth undoubtedly requires the efficient coexistence of societies, industries, education, politics and countries.

All those structures forming human life in the world should coexist and academic studies are no exception to ensure a proper, scientific understanding of the worldly phenomena. In that respect, this book aims to present multidisciplinary perspectives in respect of the management of the societies, politics, arts, industries, international relations and education. We hope that the chapters within, distinguished works of the mentioned disciplines, will inform the readers regarding the interplay among various branches of science and contribute to the knowledge base of the world regarding language, culture, arts and politics in an ever-changing world.


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